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Togmidshiirev Enkhbold and Ganzug Sedbazar

Video art from Mongolia

Preview: Friday, 13 March, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Exhibition: 14 March - 18 April 2020
Opening Times: Thu - Sat, 11:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Abject Gallery, 8th Floor, Bamburgh House  

Abject Gallery is pleased to announce video work of two contemporary performance artists from Mongolia, Togmidshiirev Enkhbold and Ganzug Sedbazar.

Togmidshiirev Enkhbold is a Mongolian born artist, who lives and practices in Ulaanbaata; Enkhbold has been invited to perform in important international exhibitions such as Busan Sea Festival in 2019, 9th Asia Pacific Triennial 2019, 2nd Yinchuan Biennale in 2018, 56th Venice Art Biennale in 2015, Shanghai International Art Biennale in 2012, Asia Triennial Manchester in 2011.

Since 2009 Enkhbold has been carrying his self-created Ger (a traditional Mongolian nomadic dwelling) around Finland, Holland, Great Britain, Italy, China, Korea and Australia. In each location whether it be in public spaces such as museums or on beaches or highways, the artist has rebuilt his Ger placing it in the center of all his performance work. In these performances the artist interacts with natural elements, using soil, water, smoke, animal skin or horse dung to perform certain actions persistently until he runs out of steam or patience and in doing so creates a dynamic mix of meditation and scared ritual.

Enkhbold states that for him “the Ger is connected with the Mongolian conception of abstraction, its extraordinary shape and architectural solutions give a feeling of being connected with nature. Besides mobility, nomadic culture is deeply rooted in human communication with one another nature. The core idea of my performance is the exchange of energy through these experiences”.

Ganzug is regarded as one of the leading contemporary artists of Mongolia, who often incorporates nomadic philosophy and shamanic practices into his performance and installation works.

Born and raised in nomadic family, Ganzug has an extensive knowledge on Mongolian traditional lifestyle, where he finds material and non-material substances, that play important role for his works. As a passionate advocate of his unique culture, artist Ganzug performed and exhibited internationally in the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Enkhbold Hongor - Sand Dune Ganzug Sedbazar Click an image to see more